Thursday, 22 July 2010


I bought this spindle pack of that gave me a spindle aswell at 500g of different colourd merino and 10g of hand dyed silk, which just so happened to be pink so i was exttreamly happy.
Ive been spinning up the white merino into two little mishapen balls of odd sized wool and then i plyed them, this i was also extreamly happy about because i have never plyed anything before. It was annoying. But that might be because i was doing it on a spindle and everything kept on snapping, but anyway here is my first ball of plyed wool!

And now it wont align it self left again... so central aligning!
My gran also bought thi mordant pack and we have been dyeing this naturaly like with wode and weld and random colourful leaves and onion skins!!

Yer thats a load of onion skins boiling...
Anyway i prefer dyeing with viniger and food colouring as it gives all together brighter results, like in this rainbow wool.

And i shall leave you with that.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Email to our dear cleggy!

Dear Mr Clegg,

I am a 15 year old living in a small village in central Devon, and am currently in the process of convincing my parents to vote for the Liberal Democrats. Since both of my parents work full time I am the only one in the house who has been following the debate, and have just finished watching the second televised debate. After watching these debates I have decided that if the Liberal Democrats came into power then it would be the best option for the future of England. However, Central Devon has become a very Conservative place to be. Driving along the lanes and going through the series of small towns that lie here there are at least 15 Conservative posters for every single Liberal Democrats poster. But Mr Clegg what you have done is captured the younger generations imaginations. Within school today we discussed the election and in most of the classes, the majority believe that the Liberal Democrats would be better in government than either Labour or the Torys. So even if, unfortunately, the Liberal Democrats do not make it into parliament this year you can rest assured that if you keep on going as you have you can be sure that in the years to come that you will have a strong following. I know personally that if more Liberal Democrat representatives were seen around Central Devon that it could build up more support for now and the future.

Yours Sincerely

Miss Bryony Bell.